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Mercy Fakoya
Mercy Fakoya

A true woman of God. She found her commitment to God’s Word to be the root cause of her success in all facets of life.

Mercy is what you might call a “Creative Concepts Strategist” or an “Evolution Engineer.” Her skills and ability to assist in transforming lives through the Word of God is manifested in her profession as a Family Nurse Practitioner; her ever- growing dedication to writing; her joy as the C.E.O. of the not-for-profit organization Royal Citizens; and above all, an uncurtailed passion for preaching and kingdom-building for Christ.

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Mercy Fakoya

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Mercy Fakoya

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Mercy Fakoya

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Mercy Fakoya

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What our clients are saying


I have read this book over and over again. Not only is it captivating but it is very real. I love the insight and wisdom, as well as the prayer prompts cleverly included through the book. Reading this book felt like engaging a big sister who understood the variants of life and provided wise counsel. This book is easy to read and not long. I highly recommend to young women looking for love, or newly married.


Absolutely love this book! The author was amazing and captivated my attention through and through.


I don’t know if you’ve had your 1-on-1 with Prophetess Mercy yet but it was God ordained. I thought we were just going to discuss the project but no she went deeper. She journeyed with me through my blueprint and asked me thought provoking challenges to push myself. I’m grateful for a mentor that doesn’t just allow us to just pass or go a little above the average. She pushed me to be the best me and to put it to action. Thank you Prophetess Mercy Fakoya. It only gets better from here. This is just the beginning.