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Achor Scripture

Surely the Sovereign Lord does NOTHING without REVEALING His plan to His servants the prophets. Amos 3:7

Our Vision

Inspiring believers into deeper dimensions in Christ, through impartation, collaboration, and empowerment (ICE).

Our Mission

Cultivating Spiritual Depth: We empower individuals to deepen their connection with God through comprehensive prayer and prophecy training, fostering a transformative journey of spiritual growth.

Community Faith Building: Through monthly P&P sessions, we create a space for communal prayer and prophecy, strengthening personal faith and nurturing bonds within our spiritual community.

Collaborative Vision: We actively collaborate with ministers in the five-fold ministry to advance a collective vision, amplifying the impact of our mission and creating a more profound spiritual influence.

Expansion and Impact: Looking ahead, we are dedicated to building a dynamic missions team.  Pray and Prophesy Hubs in cities, laying the foundation for spiritual growth and community engagement.


Our Team

Marcy Fakoya

Mercy Fakoya

Founder & Convener

Tonja Watkins

Tonja Watkins

Executive Assistant

Debbie Akinkunle

Debbie Akinkunle

Coordinator & Event Manager

Tim Fakoya

Tim Fakoya

Chief Operating Officer

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